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About Us - Microfinance Software Company

GTECH WEB SOLUTIONS is a creative business software development organization offering advanced Banking System to all microcredit associations all over India. We started our journey on 2007 from Kolkata and since then we were able to help numerous financial organizations to achieve their goals. We don’t see the clients as an opportunity to grow our business. We see them as another opportunity to prove that our microfinance software service is the best in class.

Since our inception till now, we have received numerous recognitions from different corporate clients and organization. We prove ourselves in every way where others may fail.

Initially we started with handful numbers of developers from Kolkata. As the time passes we recruited many individuals in our development team from different areas like Asp.Net,C#.Net,Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, MSSQL, and many more. Within 2 years of incorporation we got a versatile team who can create anything with their creativity.

Microcredit Banking Software is utilized by many different financial organizations and all of them encouraged us to do more in these areas. We have a separate research and development team who find new way to do make and manage projects in unique way.

Our application introduces unique operation solutions for core banking, Marketing, Accounting and management. We know where technology can help you and when can’t. Besides this we have an excellent after sales support team. They are providing all kinds of product training and supports whenever you ask them.

Unrelenting hard work

Unrelenting Hard Work

Incessant customer support

Incessant Customer Support

GTECH WEB SOLUTIONS offers adaptability, by permitting experts to go through free software demonstration. We know that the product demo would help them to be more familiar with this software and point out the strengths and weaknesses. They can check if it is able to satisfy their requirements. If not, we rely on their valuable inputs and include them in our projects.

Plan of Action

We charge our clients according to the customization and development segments and the time management is crucial in here. This is why our Microcredit application is affordable. Because there are no hidden fees we would like to introduce. We know that new startups cannot manage to afford large payments at first. We gave them the opportunity to grow themselves. If our clients would achieve the growth, then we would follow them for sure.

Our Main office is in Kolkata. We also have branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala and other different parts of the country. We have chosen our locations carefully. So that different companies who belongs to the city and urban areas can take advantage of our services.

Besides fulfilling clients wish, we did other amazing creativities that amazed the clients. Incorporating new age innovations, security, mobile and tablet banking, integrating different e-wallets with the finance management are the unique accomplishment among various other achievements. We can offer you 100% portability with your financial service.

Our Missions and Vision

GTECH WEB SOLUTIONS, We enable revolutionary procedures to transform measure and gain competitive recognition, through the proficient delivery of inventive, bleeding-edge software. Our refined, data-driven solutions help organizations and professionals around the world to perform more efficiently and achieve better conclusion. GTech Web Solutions is devoted to provide resourceful technology with business improvement around the world through its exclusive approach.
Our mission is to help organizations to adopt new technologies, unravel complex issues that always come up during digital evolution that can sabotage ongoing innovation. At GTech Web Solutions, it is our consistent resolution to make it easier for you to succeed in your business. The business process could be made more competently through introduction of information technology in it.
Our mission is to consolidate the innovative approach in our software packages for progress. We manage and deliver valuable services which will exponentially inflame the amplification of your commerce operations. To be a universal company that allows its collaborators decipher their price and understand their full achievability by investment in technology.


We constantly test each other to make sure that we’re giving you the most paragon assistance we can. Does it work for your company? Does it work for our organization? Are you able to get more than what you have you expected? Only when the response is positive, are we happy. We can’t provide benefits to all unless we have confidence in our overall systems and processes.
We need to make sure that whatever we do, including our advice to you, takes in to latest regulation and practice. We achieved this by providing routinely professional training to our software engineers and support staffs. Today prosperity of every establishment depends on how productively it processes the significant data into the system to use in the business. This ensures by boosting your turnover and cut down your operational costs. Our mission is to help you to do this by advancement of ingenious applications; custom made applications, software packages.
We made it affordable exclusively for your business. Constantly, software-applications are developed in such ways that you get better authority and revamp your business processes. We’ve started to operate business with all equal convenience, confidence, privacy, responsibility and transparency, keeping client and shopper satisfaction at the front. We are a unit dedicated to deliver you the most effective assistance.

why you choose us


1. We are among the most acknowledged and credible leading software engineering company that develop customized applications according to the client’s business strategies and requirements. Our Software can offer the clients with an immense number of resources. It is a fully web-based real-time application for multi cachet and is best suited for micro- finance, society and credit co-operative society, nidhi company, producer company and so on.

2. Our software allows endless personalization options and the capability of the application to meet the most ambitious financial business needs. Being a highly extensible platform, our software facilitates automation and helps lenders to adapt quickly with the new market trends and recommends new products at a faster pace.

3. Our software offers completely unified start-to-end solutions that are developed to assign lending related operations. The facilities are built with free and open-source tools and could be incorporated with any existing framework.

4. The program offered by us offers a complaisant system with a future-ready composition in place.

5. GTech Web Solutions incorporates modern software engineering tools with its brilliance to give you solutions with trustworthiness, flexibility and easy to use.

6. Our Microfinance software in Kolkata allows clients to scale down operating costs and increase efficiency in their day to day operations. It also cuts down the cost of IT overhead, reduces manpower and is easily measurable.

7. It can also accommodate success in the institution without the need to purchase extravagant upgrades or better services.

8. We care about the challenges that you face in your business, and we wish our solutions to bring you unexpected success. This is why our teams offer you professional support after software delivery and work with you to get rid of any imperfection that might come up during the integration phase.

9. We provide very practical after sales support through Annual Maintenance Contracts involving 24/7 support over phone, email and live support over internet.

10. You do not need to change existing growth progress.

11. Team of enthusiastic domain expertise experts.

12. Our capacity to hand over such world-class facility that has always been an asset for us.

13. G-tech web solution's staffs pick up the core values of the institution from their very first day. We conduct through these values that are at the centre of our culture of successful results and focus on distribution.

14. We not only release great quality software, but we seek to deliver it within the deadline that align with your prospects. It is as essential to us as it is to you that software is handed over accurately, on time and within your budget.

15. We solve complicated issues quickly and efficiently by participating and sharing knowledge in our 100+ team. We share our achievements and learn lessons as a team. And we do this in a realistic way to make sure that we’ve delivered quality in a timely fashion.

16. We adapt to the changing requirements of the clients and the environment that the business claim, demonstrating that we are adjustable and able to quickly respond to any internal or external issues.

17. 100% customized solutions to suit your concerned specifications.