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Why Select Microfinance Management Software?

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Microfinance software streamlines and automates activities while accelerating "Cut-Off Timing" and eliminating risky manual processes. Today India’s top microfinance organizations choose advanced micro finance software for their business development. It is ongoing effectiveness in a stand-alone system, including loan application, underwriting, collection and reporting. That kind of web based and mobile application provides mesmerizing experience for both the company officials as well as the clients. There are several other benefits people consider to choose Microcredit Software

Our best online Microfinance Software has made a great impact on the financial sector. The rich characteristics of the application made it possible to deal with all kinds of operational procedures. As we have worked with numerous financial institutions, we know what it takes to provide the most effective solution.

The price of this excellent program for microlending is affordable if you compare it with other similar available applications. We believe every MFI should get the opportunity to digitalize its financial operations. This is why we have set an affordable price tag for the application.

People can go through the free Microfinance Software demo and download it so that you can check and evaluate it for your MFI. Our award-winning support staffs are here to take your calls and provide the demonstration, online.

Group lending

Group Lending

Group Lending is a unique process that allows loans without any Collateral. One of the most prominent features of our Microfinance system Software is that it allows group lending loans.

Individual lending

Individual Lending

Make your lending process easy as fun with our hi-tech Microfinance loan Software. It supports minimum documentation and procedures. You can offer hassle-free loan procedures to clients.

Member Sourcing

Member Sourcing

It offers an easy and quick member sourcing facility for microcredit loan processing. Useful features like KYC document capture, and Loan amount calculations, etc. will make the procedure smooth for everyone.



Enjoy the manageability of all the operational processes in your Microfinance Organization with our application. Loan Operation management wasn’t so easy, before.

Multi Tenancy


Manage multiple process deployments through single instance with the help of Microcredit management Software provided by G Tech. Now you can serve multiple clients at once.

Benefits of Microfinance Software Services

Affordable Price

It is breakthrough microfinance software that enables a cloud-based financial management system for clients. If someone has applied for a financial company license and wishes to manage the business at a low cost, we are here to help them. Only GTech Web Solutions can provide such cutting-edge financial loan management software at such an affordable price.

Cuts Operations Management Cost and Saves Time

With our microcredit software, now anyone can process more than 10 kinds of loan applications within half an hour. Our complete packaged and system-integrated application can reduce the operation cost drastically. And if you are processing a top-up loan for the clients, then the loan processing time can be completed in less than 5 minutes. We always wish you to provide best-class financial solutions to your clients.

24x7 Support Services

We provide 24*7 basis services round the clock, seven days a week. And all those supported staffs are completely dedicated and passionate professionals. They know how to talk and train the clients. They are taught to be patient when dealing with clients. So that they can figure out the real issues of the customers and solve them accordingly.

Continuous Research and Development

We just don’t develop bleeding-edge applications, but also find a new and unique way to make it better. We have a experienced Research and Development team who are dedicated to formulating brand new ideas. A significant amount of our revenue goes for this purpose only. That is why our Microfinance software services are becoming leaner and better.

15+ Years of Experience and Expertise

GTech Web Solutions is one of the leading companies when it comes to the matter of custom microfinance management software development. We are doing it since 2007 from Kolkata. And these 15 years’ expertise and experience enabled us to create this state-of-the-art microlending management software.

Corporate Relationship

We served more than 25 different financial organizations with our software. And most of them exhibited their recognition for us. Our Microfinance loan management software has helped hundreds of financial business firms to establish their banking business and registered significant growth.

Our Service Areas

Our company’s service areas have expanded all over India. Financial business-related Entrepreneurs and business leaders can get this advanced Microfinance Banking Software in Kolkata, West Bengal; Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Mumbai in Maharashtra; Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

Advanced Microfinance Software Features

Field Staff Digitalization

Field Staff Digitalization

Reduce paper usage and decrease field staff costs with our software's single digital field application module.

Mobile Collection App

Mobile Collection App

From now on, field staff will collect loan installments and provide acknowledgment to the clients, instantly.

Live Tracking

Live Tracking

From Loan Management to staff reporting – all things can be done with a live tracking module of Microfinance Software.



Boast paperless operations with the help of digital KYC process. This option is enabled in E-KYC module.

SMS Reminders

SMS Reminders

You will get SMS reminders for the Microfinance loan processes and convey the same updates to the clients.

Digital Loan Origination

Digital Loan Origination

Digital Loan Origination is the most important process to look at before the loan disbursement procedure.

Multichannel Banking solution

Multichannel Banking solution

Control Multichannel Banking like Branch Banking, Mobile Banking, and ATM Banking processes, easily.

Integrated Accounting

Integrated Accounting

Accounting processes are now integrated and automated with the help of G Tech Microfinance Software.

Powerful Reporting Structure

Powerful Reporting Structure

Get all types of MIS Analysis reports like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly records in just one click.

Security & Audit Tracking

Security & Audit Tracking

You can smoothly operate Security and audit-related procedures. Track your security protocols in real-time.

Loans & Savings Portfolio Tracking

Loans & Savings Portfolio Tracking

Track your loans and savings-related account information with the best Microfinance Software available in India.

Multi branch support

Multi Branch Support

Expansion of your Microfinance business is easy with our application as It is enabled with Multiple Branch support.

Print And Export Documents

Print And Export Documents

Export all kinds of information in .csv or .xls format. You can also get a print-out of the reports at any time.

Due instalment reports

Due Instalment Reports

Get all the reports related to the dues of the installments and share the same details with clients in real-time.

Bond and Receipt Printing

Bond and Receipt Printing.

Enjoy standalone desktop application in our Microfinance Software to get the printout of bonds and receipts.

Late instalments and deposit penalty

Late Instalments and Deposit Penalty

Automatically calculate the penalty of late loan installments and deposited clients with our application.

Reports based on big data

Reports based on Big Data

Get all other kinds of reports that are created with the help of modern big-data analysis and management.

Agents commission reports

Agents Commission Reports

Generate agent’s commission-related reports and administer check issuance procedures for those agents.

Plan-wise commission statements

Plan-wise Commission Statements

Get plan-wise commission report statements for the field and in-house agents. This procedure is also automated.

Maturity list of customers

Maturity list of customers.

Obtain the maturity list of the customers and inform them via SMS module. This is a valuable part of the CRM section.

Improve follow up process

Improve Follow Up Process

As an administrator, you can view and generate the list of clients of the field agents. This way follow-up process will be improved.

Secure Advanced Microfinance Software

Our application is built on state-of-the-art infrastructure in line with industry best practices. Your security and business continuity are our highest priorities. Software for Microfinance in India facilitates compliance with the latest international regulations.
The components of the application are built on leading technologies like PHP, Asp.Net, SQL, and JavaScript, etc. The Applications comply with industry-level security standards and measures throughout the total software engineering process. In every case, we take security extremely seriously. We ensure our servers are protected by state-of-the-art antivirus program, hardware firewalls, and physical security measures. Our software follows the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Protocol, which is a comprehensive international industry standard.
Security and Transparency is always a prime concern for MFIs. The use of Microfinance software ensures security by managing databases with high-level encryption. Administers set data encryption feature in the application for each user association, and the clients have access to their accounts. Customers can log in to their account only after password verification. The software acts swiftly to implement many of these kinds of security features and brings transparency in operations.

Security of Microfinance Software

Some Security Features Details: PCI DSS ready with Bank-grade security, conforming to OWASP guidelines;

PCI DSS standard solution

PCI DSS Standard Solution

CISA and OWASP compliance

CISA and OWASP compliance

IP/Port checks

SSL Certificates, IP/Port checks

Inbuilt sentry tool

Inbuilt ‘Sentry’ tool to check malicious requests

Authentication with bio-metric, OTP, PIN, Password etc

Authentication and Authorization

Device Fingerprinting

Multi Mode Encryption